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Helly Hansen Odin 3/4 Pant

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Product Overview

Helly Hansen Odin 3/4 Pant RRP: £60.00

Quite simply the best baselayer you can buy at any price. In terms of performance, wicking ability and temperature balance across all areas of the body, the Odin has it all.

In fact, working in conjunction with expedition teams and high altitude climbers and skiers, Helly Hansen's technical division worked for over two years to develop this baselayer.

As a result, the Odin 3/4 Pant is perfect for skiers and boarders as the bottom of the leg does not interfere with ski socks (a situation that can cause blisters). The Odin blends five different LIFA fabrics to work in sync with different parts of the body and therefore perfectly balance heat retention, moisture management and wicking in all areas. Perfect for Arctic expeditions and high altitude activities and without doubt the most technically advanced baselayer on the market.


  • Balanced to the varying requirements of different parts of the body
  • Fast moisture transport
  • 5 different fabrics and 10 different fibres used to create optimum body balance
  • Rapid drying
  • Odour resistant
  • Flat lock stitching

Core Colours

  • Black

Other Information

  • Fabric: 50% Lifa, 50% Superfine Merino


Helly Hansen Odin Hybrid

Manufacturers No. 48205**C

The Helly Hansen Odin Base Layer: Quite simply the zenith of all thermal underwear baselayers. These Mens Base Layers are a fantastic buy!



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